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Eco Studio

Over the couple of years, we have been evaluating our environmental impact. We have made steps in our practice and process towards making some small changes that we hope will make a difference.


The studio joined Ecologi in 2020 as a Climate Positive Workplace.


Through this scheme we commit to buying trees each month to be planted in Ecologi's worldwide reforestation projects which in turn offsets some of our carbon emmissions from the kiln firings.


You can see how we are progressing by checking out our forest www.ecologi.com/seadriftpottery

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To protect your pots in the post we need good packing materials.  Previously we were buying this but then we realised other local businesses and individuals were having deliveries to them which meant they had surplus.  We put a call out to ask if we could reuse that surplus packaging and save it from going straight into landfill.

For over 2 years now the pottery has been supplied with enough donated packing materials to reuse for all the purchases from the online shop.  All those cardboard boxes, packing noodles, bubblewrap, polystyrene and plastic air pockets given a second use and saved from landfill.  Not only has this been a win for the environment but its a win for you too as we have kept costs low and can continue to offer free UK delivery.

Handmade Pottery in Scotland, UK | Homeware and Gifts


A pottery studio is traditionally good at recycling and reusing clay so nothing is wasted. We have looked into other ways we can recycle, reuse and repurpose.

  • buckets once holding paint or grout now provide containers for glazes and slips

  • tools, formers, shelving and storage is often reused from something else

  • rags and cloths to clean up have come from old towels

  • plastic wrapping from online clothing purchases is now used in the studio to wrap pots and hold moisture levels

  • our clay bags are 100% recyclable, so we make sure they get washed and sent for recycling

Handmade Pottery in Scotland, UK | Homeware and Gifts

Carbon Footprint

It is really hard to anaylse this aspect but we are trying to take on the challenge. Some changes we are actively trying out are:

  • cutting down on additional travel by car: only one car journey each week takes online purchases to the post office.  The other journeys are cycled or walked.

  • minimising delivery of clay and materials: we order clay from Ireland which is our closest direct supplier and only order materials in big batches.

  • promote postage of workshop pots rather than collecting if you have travelled a distance which avoids extra car journeys


Keeping Warm

The studio can get really cold in winter months and there are often a number of heaters both electric and gas on to combat this.


However this winter there has been less heaters on and more magical warming natural fibres being worn to keep toasty.  Works a treat! Plus, once they wear out they can be cut up and composted...but I hope that won't be any time soon.

If you have any more ideas for us then get in touch!