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Welcome to the online shop for Sea Drift Pottery. All the items you see here have been handmade on site in the pottery studio in Sandbank near Dunoon.  It is a small selection of the work made at the studio but includes some well loved favourites alongside some newer pieces.  The range changes throughout the year and I try to keep it as stocked up as possible with popular items. If something you love is out of stock, you can pre-order by contacting the pottery to order directly. 


If you are in the area you are welcome to visit the physical shop within the studio where there is a greater range on offer to purchase including larger items which are difficult to post, one off pieces and the discounted studio seconds.

About your pots...

We get asked a lot about how robust handmade ceramics are compared to something mass produced.  And, as a studio we are addressing the environmental impact of our work and process. With both these things in mind we try to create strong durable pots to last you many a year of everyday use. Here is a little more information.

If you are buying some of our pottery for your home we want it to last long enough to become your favourite go to everyday item to rest or refuel with.  Stoneware clay is pretty robust and should take some evitable daily knocks to a point (although mind those handles!) The heat in the dishwasher over time can damage any type of ceramic plus items get bumped around and the chemicals may also react with the glazes over time. Because of this we recommend hand washing, but we all have busy lives so I'm sure it will end up in the dishwasher at some point.


Obviously we cannot guarantee it to not chip or break, the nature of ceramics is that it will do this at some point, but we hope you will get a good long use before that happens!

Your chosen item of Sea Drift Pottery will be carefully packed up in reclaimed packaging to protect it against knocks in the post.  Much of the packaging will have lots of life left in it so we ask that you could reuse or recycle also to save it from going straight to landfill.


Find out more about our efforts to become more eco-friendly.

Scottish ceramics sea splash platter
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